Attendance / Substance Policy

Lumen Christi High School
 Girls Basketball Attendance/Substance Policy

Attendance policy 

1. Unexcused absence from games or practices. Unexcused absence is when there is no logical reason for the player to not be in Attendance.
1st unexcused absence: 1 game suspension, plus a coach/ parent meeting before the player is reinstated.

2nd unexcused absence: The player is dismissed from the team.

2. Excused absence: Excused absence is when the player has no control over her absence, Illness, Family matters, etc.  Starters will not start. Non starters will receive less playing time.

3. All minor program rule violations will be handled in house.

4. GPA- I will monitor the grades of all the players in the program with the assistance of  Mr. Jerry Reis. If a player(s) GPA drops during the season this will be addressed with the coaching staff and player.


Substance Abuse Policy

1st offense is one-third (6games) of the season suspension from playing.


2nd offense would lead to a 12 month suspension from activity.