Basketball Rules


Lumen Christi Girls Basketball Team Rules and Expectations


Be on time! Allow yourself enough time to get taped, stretch, or warmed up before you step on the floor. You are not allowed to play/practice until you have your complete uniform/practice on.

Cell Phone use is prohibited during practice.

Practice begins as soon as you step on the floor.

When a coach is instructing a player, everyone should stop and hold the ball to listen what they are saying.

Players should be respectful of the other teams or activities going on.  There is no reason to be a distraction to others.

When you are not participating in a practice or drill, you are to watch and listen.

Do NOT criticize your teammates; we are a team.

WHEN YOU COME OUT OF A GAME, YOU GIVE EVERY PLAYER SITTING ON THE BENCH A HIGH FIVE. Your teammates were cheering for you as you played, give your teammates the respect they deserve or you will sit.

Respect everyone in the program.

Accept your role as a player and be positive towards others.

If you will not be at practice, the player must make a phone call to the Head Coach of her team. DO NOT HAVE ANOTHER TEAM MATE DO IT FOR YOU.  If you miss a practice the day before a game, you will not play.


Playing Time

Playing time is a direct reflection of how a player competes and performs in practice/games, as well as a player’s attitude.*


You are to sit with the team ONLY and pay attention.  The JV players are your teammates and they deserve your respect and consideration at all times. If you must be told multiple times to sit with your team or act inappropriately, it will directly affect your playing time.


Social Media Policy

Social media (and any other form of media) regarding a player’s participation in the Lumen Christi Girls Basketball Program should be limited to positive messages only, not derogatory messages/statements directed to the team, players, coaches, opponents etc. When you post negative comments it reflects negatively on our school, program, community, and yourself.  Your posts are never private.


About Negativity

When negativity starts in a program, it is hard to contain.  Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but when comments start to affect players on the team, then the negativity has shifted from off the court to on the court.  Once negativity is initiated, it is impossible for coaches to get the players best efforts.

As coaches, we understand you want what is best for your child.  Basketball is a team sport and the team will come before individuals.  Pre-game, halftime and post-game speeches are not meant to be taken personally or as verbal attacks

The coaches will enforce a 24-Hour Cool Down Rule for after games before a player or parent contacts a coach.  If a player/parent wishes to talk to a coach regarding a game, they must do so after 24 hours.  This allows for a more rational discussion and the ability to find a better solution. No meetings during or after games.  Coaches will only discuss playing time with players.,

Players and Parent/Guardian(s) are also responsible for positive messages only, no derogatory messages/statements directed to the team, players, coaches, officials or opponents verbally or on any form of social media.


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