Defensive Rules & Philosophy

Defensive rules and philosophy

A bad defensive player usually gives little effort on the defensive end. They don’t help out, they don’t anticipate, they don’t hustle. A great defensive player is completely opposite from this. In any game you watch it is always apparent who the best defenders) on the court is. They are the one who always gets back on defense. They are the one who always stays in the proper defensive stance. They are the one who are constantly talking to their teammates. They are the one who anticipates what the offense is going to do and turns that anticipation into a turnover. They are one who never rests on the defensive end. Defense is ninety five per cent hustle, guts, and determination and five per cent footwork and stance.Anybody can play good defense if they put their mind and body into it Everybody on our team will do just that Work, Work, Work on the defensive end That is our philosophy. That is our goal. We will run six different defensive sets this year but all of them will be worthless if we do not get the effort and dedication it takes to play defense. Five players as one doing everything in their power to stop the other team. No excuses. Play defense!

Rules for defense

1.     Get your rear end as low to the ground as possible.

2.     Contain the ball on the perimeter. Make them prove they can shoot from the outside.

3.     When they do shoot get a hand in their face.

4.  When guarding the ball keep your arms extended out and low to deny the crossover dribble and drive.(Palms up)

5.     Find the weak hand of the dribbler and force her to go it

6.     Recognize the favorite shoulder of their post players and deny it (if they always turn to their left, over play their left shoulder)

7.     Never foul beyond the three point arc. It happens but don’t make it a habit

8.     Always look to help out in the lane. This means everybody on the court one defensive rotation usually is not enough. We need two rotations (leave your player to guard another) to stop easy baskets in the lane.(Help and Recover)

9.     Focus your eyes on the center of the player you are guarding. The stomach can not execute a fake.

10.    Always know where the ball is at all times.

11.    Talk to each other constantly. This serves two purposes. The first is letting your teammates know what is coming and the second is its just plain annoying to the other team.

12.    Anticipate the next pass or move the offense is going to make. This is how we create turnovers for lay ups.

13.    Do not be passive. Always act in a way to deny their offense.

14.    Anytime you see an opportunity to double the ball, (trap) take it!

15.    Get back, get back, get back on defense.

These are a few of the rules we want to follow to become a better defender. Obey them and work your tales off on the defensive end, and we will be a very good defensive team.