Varsity Dinners

Varsity Dinner Schedule


Dinners can be at your home or at school following a practice.

Week of Game Day(s) Family/(Families)
November 30-Dec. 5 December 1st and 4th Good Family
December 6-11 December 11th Kalahar Family
December13-19 December 15th and 18th Raburn Family
January 3-9 January 8th Gallant Family
January 10-16 January 12th and 15th Wilkins Family
January17-23 January 19th and 22nd Saunders Family
January 24-30 January25th, 26th, 29th Sweeney Family
Jan. 30-Feb. 6 February 5th Varner and Smith Families
February 7-13 February 9th and 12th
February 14-20 February 16th and 19th Dzierwa Family
February 21-26 February 23rd and 26th Rappleye Family