Zone Breaking

Player rules for breaking the zone press


1. Never dribble the ball to the sideline.


2. Always make your cuts so you put yourself between the ball and the defender and make sure you come to the ball to receive the pass so you deny the step in front by the defense.


3. Maintain proper court spacing. Two players in the same place can be guarded by one defender.


4. Cross court passes are a definite no no.


5. Fake a pass to move the defender in the wrong direction.


6. When you do make a pass it has to be with authority and should also be a bounce pass.


7.   Again, always come to the pass and do not stop until the ball is in your hands.

8. Do not panic. Take a breath, relax, then execute.


9. Look at a press as a scoring opportunity. Attack it to score. Have fun with it!


10. Never leave a teammate in trouble. Go to them to receive the ball.



Team rules for breaking the press


1. Stay within the framework of the pressbreaker until the defense weakens or you see an opportunity outside of the framework.


2. Again, maintain proper court spacing.


3. We always try to get the ball into the middle of the court. Inside, outside.


4. Work as a unit to break the press by using quick, sharp passes. This is not the time to take on the defense by yourself.


5. Communicate with each other.


6. Relax.